June 5, 2024

10 Reasons to Use Botox for Pain Management

Watts Wellness

Botox injections at Watts Wellness in St. George are used to treat many different muscular and nervous conditions, including:

  1.  Lazy eye due to imbalance in the muscles which position your eye.
  2.  Eye twitches due to contracting and twitching muscles around your eye.
  3.  Migraines that occur more than half a month regularly.
  4. Bladder dysfunction causing urinary incontinence.
  5. Hyperhidrosis causing excessive sweating without you being hot or exerting yourself.
  6. Cervical dystonia, where your neck muscles cause your head to turn and twist in uncomfortable positions.
  7. Muscle contractures causing your limbs to pull inward to your center (ex: cerebral palsy).
  8.  Myofascial pain disorder, resulting in pain caused by the inflammation of your body’s soft tissue – general muscle pain.
  9.  Sciatica, causing pain along your sciatic nerve from your lower back down to each of your legs.
  10. Arthritis, causing swelling and tenderness in a single or multiple joints.

How Long Does It Take for Botox to Work for Pain Relief?

  • You typically feel pain relief from Botox injections within two weeks of your procedure, lasting potentially up to 4 months. \
  • But bear in mind–for long-term pain relief, you’ll likely need continual injections until the cause of your pain is accounted for.

What Should You Expect from a Botox Injection Procedure?

  • Botox injections by Dr Watts at Watts Wellness are quick and safe, taking about 5 minutes to complete. You’ll be able to return home after the procedure. Still, we advise you to avoid contact with the area of injection for 24 hours to prevent the unintended spreading of Botox to other areas around your problematic muscles.

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June 5, 2024


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